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Bad Wildungen´s cultural programmes almost resemble the ones of large cities; well known music festivals, concerts, theatrical plays, and the jazz scene offer events for every taste.

Grimm - Fairytale-Festival  -   May, 17th an 18th  2014
every year in May, we present an exciting Festival of Brothers Grimm Fairytales in the Bad Wildungen Spa Gardens. Meet Snowwhite and the 7 dwarves from Bergfreiheit and all the other heroes of the lovely Grimm Fairytales around  the Bad Wildungen Wandelhalle in the amazing Park.

We are looking forward very much to see you in 2014.

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Old Town Jazz Festival        -      June 6th and 8th 2014    
Open-air in Bad Wildungen’s Old Town

The end of June saw Bad Wildungen’s picturesque Old Town becoming ‘jazz central’ for the 18th time. Since the beginning, the Old Town Jazz Festival has continued to develop as a notable event which draws thousands of visitors from far and near to Bad Wildungen.

The very best, traditional jazz was played on a number of stages. This included New Orleans and Hot Jazz, as well as Dixieland, Boogie, Gospel and Spirituals, Swing and BeBop, Blues and Soul. Spritely marching bands meandered through the streets and squares of the ‘party mile’ despite the unpredictable weather. Many well-known musicians have been coming to the jazz festival since it began in 1997 and local jazz bands have also been given a forum. Musicians of international renown, such as Max Collie, Trevor Richards, the hr Bigband and the Electric Blues Duo pleased more than just the connoisseurs among the audience. The musicians of the N’Awlins Brassband from Holland were the true darlings of the crowd who they entertained on the street with their skill, slapstick and boundless energy.
We look forward to seeing you there in 2014!

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Folk im Park      -       July 25th and 26th 2014

International Festival of Folk and Roots Music
End of July – Open-air in the fascinating Bad Wildungen Spa Gardens. 

Discovering new music is what the ‘Folk im Park’ festival of folk and roots music is all about. This year it will be the sixteenth time the festival will take place.

The festival takes place in the picturesque Spa Gardens near the Bad Wildungen Wandelhalle. 

The first class programme has been attracting many visitors from all over Germany for many years. Musicians from over 40 countries and all five continents played their way into the hearts of the crowd. 
2007’s programme focused on the accordion and its relatives such as the concertina, the Russian bayan and the bandoneón, in 2008 the title was "Saitensprünge", in 2009 "Music on Midsummernights", in 2010 "he Sun rises in the east". A few of these marvellous artists from all over the world appeared in Bad Wildungen. The programme ranged from Argentinean tangos to Scandinavian and Irish folk music.

Show Flyer "2014 Folk Festival"

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Dreams in the Park – Festival of 15000 Lights   -   August 9th 2014

On the evening of the second Saturday in August – Open-air in the Bad Wildunger Kurpark.

‘Dreams between Heaven and Earth’ is the theme of the annual Festival of Lights when more than 15,000 candles in heavenly arrangements turn the Kurpark into a candlelit dreamscape. Various styles of music, dance and acrobatics add to the charming, open-air atmosphere and take place on three stages cleverly integrated with the park surroundings.

Nostalgia Pavilion:
This is the place where musical dreams and nostalgic hits of the 20s and 30s come back to life. Fans will take a wonderful trip down a musical memory lane where they will encounter delights such as ‘Just a Gigolo,’ ‘Donna Clara’ and the Bad Nauheim Salon Dancers with their stirring Berlin revue.
Dance garden in a sea of lights:
The large dance floor in the middle of a sea of lights should see you dancing to the stars and back, but probably not in three quarter time! The Russi Radev show band will play an excellent range of dance music which should satisfy most rhythm preferences.
Rhythm Pavilion:
The darlings of the National Garden Festival, the Peruvian musicians from Cantos del Pueblo, returned once more to visit their friends in Bad Wildungen on the occasion of the Festival of Lights. Their expressive music and overwhelming variety of instruments are just as impressive as for example the 17-person steel drum orchestra ‘BÄNG-BÄNG.’ This is a visual and auditory experience with exotic sounds from melodious drums.

The later in the evening it gets, the warmer the candlelight and the atmosphere in the park becomes. Kaleidoscopic fireworks round off the evening in this candlelit dreamscape.

We look forward to seeing you there in 2014!

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Flower Parade 2014     -      September 7th 2014

Every 2 years at the beginning of September in the town centre.

Every two years, Bad Wildungen puts on a unique Flower Parade as part of the town’s traditional "City Festival". The fascinating, flowery procession stretches for two and a half kilometres through the streets of the charming spa town. Around 400,000 dahlias adorn the imaginatively decorated floats which, in addition to the many groups of musicians and others on foot, make this a real visitor magnet.

It really is party time for three days in the North Hessian spa town from September 5th to September 7th, with the colourful market precinct on the ‘Brunnenallee’ and lots of music on several stages.
Of course, the highlight of the event is the spectacular march past of the lovely Flower Parade on Sunday afternoon, with at least 40,000 spectators expected.
This is something you simply have to see!

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Samba Festival 2015  -  September 4th to 6th 2015 
Brunnenallee: 8. International Samba Festival 

This has been the seventh outbreak of samba fever at Bad Wildungen’s annual City Festival. High spirits and lively activity reined for three days with drum rolls resonating throughout the Brunnenallee which was packed  with over 1000 musicians and people of all ages.

Over 40 samba and dance groups brought a touch of Rio to the spa town with music and entertainment. On Saturday, all the groups played in rotation on all three stages located along the Brunnenallee and in the Old Town during the day.
The crowning glory of the festival was the large, colourful procession along the Brunnenallee which took place in the sunshine on Sunday. It ended on the main stage with a farewell from all the groups.

Every 2 years, in rotation with the famous Bad Wildungen Flower Parade, the colourful markets and activities of the Samba Festival are the icing on the cake of the traditional Festival of Encounters.  
So we look forward to seeing you there in 2015!

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